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Let's get married in Montana, she said...

Everyone wants that Montana moment so much that Montana is one of the top ten wedding destinations in the country, maybe even, pre-covid, the world.

Although things have changed since 2020, planning your wedding for 2023, there are still some guidelines to follow. Whether you are planning a destination in Montana or anywhere in the world, you do need to follow some guidelines, but let's just focus on your destination for Montana.

Northwest Montana is SO popular, most event vendors can be booked a year in advance. Remember, you are not the only couple getting married. There are literally hundreds of weddings and other events here in the Flathead Valley and Glacier. You must really set your sights on planning well ahead of your date.

Many want to be be wed in nearby Glacier Park. You must apply for special use permits for Glacier Park or any other city or county parks in the state. Add to that any processing fees as much as $100. Then they will notify you if you are or are not accepted. Lots to consider: date, alternative date; locations, alternative locations; number of participants. Are your plans for the ceremony only? Ceremony and reception? The amount of space you will need for each format. Most permit required locations will have some one to assist you, some will not. So do your homework!

The Flathead Valley has many photographers and planners to assist you and guide you built in to their fees. Considering rentals, officiants, caterers all must be figured into your big picture of you perfect day. If you are coming from another area or state, I highly suggest hiring a planner to assist you, so nothing is overlooked. We keep a list on hand of professionals we work with and highly recommend.

Our rentals will add to the ambiance of your day and statement you wish to extend and add to your lifetime memory.

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