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Where there's smoke...rain, sun, snow...

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Whether you are a native to Montana or a visitor in town to see the sights, you may have noticed a bit 'o' smoke. Some may consider this one of our 'seasons', it has become a regular sight, especially this year.

If you plan an event here in Montana, besides planning early, you should take into consideration the weather. Rain, sun, snow, smoke can make or break your guests enjoyment if you do not have a back-up plan. Nothing will make your party guests leave faster than not planning for the worst.

It is always in the details. No one will want to stick around if the sun is too hot and there is no shade to hide under. No one will stay if they are going to be drenched. And smoke or haze? Forget about it!

A tent for shade and dryness. Windows/walls for breezy evenings. Even cool air or heaters will protect everyone's party mood and comfortability. You will be the best host if you keep all things in mind for you and your guests.

By having a back-up plan, you and your guests can party till the cow's come. Literally, it is Montana after all!

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