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Even though the bride and groom are the center of attention at any wedding, the dance floor is where all the fun is happening.  Usually 40-50% of your guests will be on the dance floor at the same time, so be sure to have the right size

to dance the night away!

Dance floors may be placed outside dependent upon weather and/or surface. Our 3 x 4 wood dance floor panels are designed to span most outdoor surfaces to make a relatively flat floor.

Site inspection is required.

* Larger dance floor sizes available.


Accents a dance floor, seating area, head table or more

Includes 100' bistro lighting, 4 poles, cords, labor and  4 wine barrel bistros. $400.00

Large package includes 150' bistro lighting, 6 poles, cords, 6 wine barrels.  $600.00

Barrels add security for lighting as well as a table for guests to mingle and rest their beverages upon. 

Custom lighting designs available upon request.

Pictured above: Small Overhead Light Package with Wine Barrels


Staging is the base for any type of musical entertainment or speaking and provides a strong focal point for your guests, while contributing to the arrangement of the space overall.  Staging is custom built with 4'x8', 16" tall panels and installed on level ground. Unique or unlevel surfaces may require site inspection and pricing. Stages are completed with black skirting. Outdoor applications are available, inquire for availability.

* Larger configurations are available.

Custom Stages

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