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  • How far in advance should I reserve my rentals?
    Once you have chosen a date! Book your venue, then decide on your needs. Depending on the time of year, we suggest to make your reservations one year in advance, some months in the Flathead Valley are booked two years in advance. Always remember, everything is pending upon availability. DID YOU KNOW...the Flathead Valley is the #1 destination wedding location in the state of Montana, and one of the top 10 in the USA! Besides weddings there are an abundance of other events requiring rentals in the summer months, so be prepared to have a backup plan. Now that restrictions have been lifted from the pandemic, expect to see more destination weddings booking from other countries to our fare state.
  • Do I have to pay extra if I want the tent earlier for decorating?
    We like to deliver your rentals one to three days in advance. That way you may decorate as you need. We will contact you the week of your event to confirm date and time of delivery. We do require all decor and personal items removed and all rentals back at the same place we delivered the morning after your event for pickup.
  • How do I know what size tent I will need?
    Once you know all you are going to need in the tent, we will supply a quote for the appropriate size tent. Your coordinator will also be good for input for what you will need and where. A site inspection may be needed to assure the size tent will fit properly in your space.
  • Do you charge a delivery fee?
    Delivery charges are determined per the location, accessibility, time and amount of the rentals. Delivery fees will be noted on your quote. Your location is to be set-up ready upon our arrival and we are not responsible for cleanup or gathering of rentals after your event. Additional fees will be charged if we are delayed due to your event. .
  • Do I need to wash dishes or linens we rent?
    No! We wash all our items in an industrial size machine to assure proper cleaning according to heath regulations. Dishes and flatware are to be wiped of any food and debris and returned to the same containers they arrived in. Glassware is to be empty and placed upside down in designated racks. Linens are to be shaken, rolled and placed in the tote or linen bag(s) provided.
  • What do I have to do or provide before delivery?
    All tenting is required to be staked. You or your venue is responsible to contact DIGSAFE (1.800.551.8344) to ensure no underground utilities are in the way. All underground lines, water lines, sprinklers, septic systems, gas, other underground, buried or hidden obstructions MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED.* We are not responsible for knowing where underground lines are. All sprinkler systems MUST be OFF 24 hours before time of delivery till after pickup of rental items. For everyone's safety, please have no animals or children on location during delivery or pickup. Remove any animal debris from area as well prior to our delivery. Our crew don't like to step in animal debris, sure your guests wouldn't like it either.
  • Do I need sides on my tent rental?
    We suggest a half wrap of windows on most tents due to the fact of wind and protection for your guests. However, if you do not want them, don’t reserve them. Although we try to keep an eye on the weather report, Montana weather if very fickle. We can have all four seasons in one day! If you see rain, or snow, in the forecast, call us immediately. We can add them on the truck, as long as it has not left the shop for your delivery. Keep in mind we also solid walls to hide areas to be kept from your guests view like portable toilets and catering.
  • How long before do I have to make changes?
    All changes and updates are required by email. However, we will contact you up to three weeks with the date when your final counts are due. We require any adjustments via email before noon, 10 days before your estimated delivery day/time. Add-ons are subject to availability.
  • Do I have to have an Event Planner or Day of Coordinator?
    We appreciate working with professionals who know how to work with vendors for events. A coordinator isn't just to make things pretty, there are many behind the scene logistics that come into play when putting any type or size event together. Seriously think about having someone responsible for your event, set up, delivery on site some, one for your vendor to contact without adding to the stress of your should be able to just sit back and look pretty!
  • Damaged/Missing equipment policy?
    Customer is responsible for damaged or missing equipment. A replacement cost will be assessed for anything due to lost, theft, abused or any damage to rentals or equipment Repair costs might be adjusted after the equipment has been repared or replace.
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