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Lighting has become a key decor focus for any event. Of course, every vendor believes their expertise is THE most important object for an event, but let's see now, what would any event be without proper lighting? Lighting for your day has become a great way to set the mood, highlight an area at a venue or bring ambiance to an area that may need a little flair.

Just like the ambiance of your home with bad lighting, an event can lose it's impact with bad lighting. Mood and visually, all your efforts poured into this special time can be totally lost on what the end means for your goal of the day or evening.

Up lighting is becoming more important and requested as it will accent the architecture to any venue, be it a barn, a museum, trees in the reception area, inside or outside. LED lighting is so great now-a-days as specific colors can be set, and not just the old blue, red, green but ambers along with other colors themed to your event. And up lighting will make your photographs even more amazing.

Chandeliers will really dress things up. Rustic. Grande and glittery. Vintage and old world. Pricing can depend upon size, quantity and how complex your request is for installation. Think where you want the accent to be, how high/low and access to electrical source.

String lighting inside and outside your venue will completely transform your event. Making it dark and boring to sophisticated and elegant. Antique string lighting can create a canopy of lights equal to the stars in the night sky.

Bistro lighting can be draped in meticulous order throughout a transformed horse arena. It can create a backyard BBQ pit to courtyard garden to dance and dream in. Lighting can be magical. sometimes just simple accents in your venue.

What did you say, you want to DIY your lighting? Well, first, one should sit down and plan out the actual labor intensive reality of doing it yourself. Consider: how close and what is your electrical source capacity? How much money and what is your time worth to do a DIY? How tall is lighting being hung and what is it being attached to? Are you going to need tall ladders, fork lift, scaffolding? Is it architecturally feasible? Do you need your lighting to hide some unsightly views, what do you wish to hide? And, reality check, what is your ability and the venue's available set up time?

The internet has so many wonderful ideas, however they are generally created by lighting professionals that know what and how to deal with obstacles. Remember this can be labor intensive for even the most seasoned professional, but, and I remind you, they are the professional.

Sometimes creating fantastic custom lighting for our clients have become a welcomed challenge. In the end, unique pieces, one-of-a-kind designs and remarkable lighting creations have graced the events we are privileged to serve. Memorable moments. Lighting is to create a mood, evoke an emotion. No matter what lighting you choose, it is to transform a space into a spectacular affair to remember. Yes, lighting is labor intensive to achieve the look you want. Let us do the labor of love of lighting.

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