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The Montana Flathead Valley is bustling. So many times we hear, how far in advance do I really have to reserve my rentals? Answer: The day you set on a date!

Every one wants that Montana moment. Locals, and many from out of state, even those from out of the USA want to venture in the Last Best Place. Summer is short here. And summer months are not just for weddings, but events of all kinds. International Equestrian events, private resort events, tournaments, family reunions are booking reservations one, two, three years in advance. They all need rentals to see their events succeed.

After COVID, people were ready to get out and enjoy life again. But so many factors have effected businesses. Tourists are upset at the fact that some places are closed or limiting admission. If you have not kept up with reality, there is a shortage of workers. This has limited the number of contracts we are able to accept.

Customer Service is first and foremost. With less workers available this year, the value of our staff and clients is utmost and we refuse to overbook ourselves for the sake of a dollar. We refuse to stress our employees, over work them and then not be able to give the perfect vision of your day.

So while this may be frustrating to our corporate and wedding clients, we do this FOR you. Be patient. Be kind. Be prepared.

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